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House Opened Up

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  •  ​Winner of 2012 Remodeling Excellence Award for “Major Remodel Excellence, $300k-$400k" given by King County Master Builders Association.


  • After living here for 30 years, my Client wanted to change and update the feel of the house.

  • Front entry accessed by steep brick stairway was inhospitable; front door was rarely used.

  • Plumbing, electrical, heating, and insulation were outdated and inadequate.

  • Lower floor felt remote and dark; was rarely used.

  • Connection to front garden desired.

  • Kitchen and main floor bathroom were uninspired.

  • Storage was fragmented and inadequate.


  • Exterior brick stairway removed, replaced with glassed-in corner, opening up a great view and letting daylight penetrate deep into both levels of house.

  • Front door relocated to ground level and landscaping modified to create a welcoming entry.

  • Interior stairs relocated from back entry hall to front entry space, relieving a bottleneck there.

  • Interior finishes and fixtures improved and made consistent.

  • This project achieves a BuiltGreen 4-Star rating with insulation, energy-efficient windows, and air sealing.

Contractor:  ModelRemodel

entry AFTER
new glassed-in front corner liberates expansive view
 upper floor AFTER                        upper floor BEFORE
front entry relocated to glassed-in stair tower, opening up excellent view to Montlake Cut
upper floor front corner AFTER
lower AFTER               lower BEFORE
new entry tower lets light into simplified basement
basement front corner AFTER
end of kitchen AFTER
light and serene bathroom with custom cabinet handles
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