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Striking  & Functional

ADU (accessory dwelling unit)


  • Small ADU was subdivided into small rooms.

  • Little daylight in living space.

  • Dated and uninspiring.

  • Bathroom location awkward.


  • More open floor plan with good air flow.

  • New windows and a french door for light and access to backyard.

  • Fresh and crisp colors.

  • New fireplace is a focal point.

  • Single large bedroom replaces two small ones.

  • Plumbing from above hidden in gray-green wall.

gray-green wall separates kitchen from living/dining area
new french door leads to private garden
 gas fireplace is new focal point  AFTER
closed-in living room with gas heater BEFORE
BEFORE                        AFTER  
red wall demarcates bedroom suite
glass block panel brings light into unit through bathroom
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