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Little Basement


  • Unfinished Basement.

  • Well-cared for Craftsman style main floor to be preserved in its existing condition. No changes.

  • Existing stairs were too steep to meet code.

  • Clients wanted a room for viewing movies.

  • Clients wanted a nice bathroom.

  • There was no direct connection between main floor Kitchen and back yard, for entertaining.


  • Correction to slope of stairway required breaking through south wall of basement and excavation in yard for increased length of stair run.

  • Increased excavated area enabled addition of a full-daylight yoga room, AND

  • the addition of exterior sunken patio for entertaining in the back yard.

  • Crawl space excavate and converted to storage and utility room.

  • As a bonus, basement functions as a private Guest Suite.

BEFORE                                          AFTER
basement BEFORE                       basement and patio AFTER
stairway with daylight                                  entertainment center
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