"Pop!" goes the



  • Underwhelming front entry was rarely used.

  • Entry through back door caused traffic jams in Kitchen.

  • Odd-sized obsolete range was broken.

  • Unattractive acoustical ceilings in Living and Dining rooms.

  • Dining walled off from Kitchen.

  • Finishes needed upgrading.


  • Roof pop-ups at Living and Dining rooms define the entry, add interior volume and light.

  • Cabinets modified to fit new standard-size range and hood.

  • Wall between Dining and Kitchen removed.

  • New drywall ceiling in Living and Dining rooms.

  • New finishes, furnishings, and lighting impart a fresh, updated feeling.

AFTER - "pop-ups" at living and dining room,
new  canopy and walkway
establish entry sequence
BEFORE - unprotected door in corner
is uninviting
  new entry enhanced by custom rug              designed by laura kraft - architect
AFTER - cabinets painted to enliven the look,
and modified to fit new range
BEFORE - obsolete and broken range
AFTER - dining room window extends into new pop-up,
wall between dining and kitchen is removed
BEFORE - - same view
AFTER - view of entrance and living room from dining room
BEFORE - same view